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Charles F. "Nataraj" Hauser
22 Waubesa St
Madison, WI 53704

Recent Work History: 1989 to Present
I am currently employed at Famous Footwear, a nation-wide retailer of name brand shoes and accessories. In my role as a liaison between the Logistics and Information Systems departments, I provide concise definitions of business challenges or opportunities. I work closely with the IS staff to select and implement appropriate solutions to those opportunities. I have been responsible for significant increases in productivity and product velocity at our distribution facilities. I have designed, coded, tested, configured, and implemented three warehouse management systems over the past 15 years, with no significant disruption to business.

A complete description of my position can be found here.

Performance Indicators
I have consistently received favorable reviews for my performance by my employers. Here are a few examples of official comments regarding my contributions:

"...fits the role of Liaison very well. He has been a valuable asset to the whole management team, not just for his technical knowledge, but for his operational knowledge and common business sense. organized and very eager to see projects and improvements come to fruition. He has developed his position into an important and integral part of Logistics. Associates and peers respect him for his overall knowledge of the 'big picture' and his common sense approach when dealing with people. He is an important member of the Logistics management team..."
- Current VP Logistics, Famous Footwear, April, 2002

"Every opportunity for learning is taken to broaden his operational knowledge. His interdepartmental effectiveness demonstrates a solid understanding of Famous Footwear's organization. When the focus shifted from building an IS solution for key Logistics goals to seeking a new Warehouse Managemet System package, Charlie handled it competently, always with an eye on the goal of achieving increased Logistics productivity. He consistently floats new ideas for review, gracefully acknowledging ideas that won't work. His everyday conversation challenges those around him to look at their work differently."
- Former VP Logistics, Famous Footwear, March, 2001

"...did a great job bringing the Lebanon Distribution Center design picture together. Produces original ideas; has an inquiring mind; shows imagination and originality of thinking. He has an ability to look at things with a different perspective. ...has a genuine concern for his coworkers and their well being. Able to accomplish tasks through employees; earns respect from others; gets their enthusiasm and cooperation. People look to Charlie to provide direction."
- Director of IS Development, Famous Footwear, February, 1995

"...recognizes essential elements of a problem; uses good judgement with respect to relative importance and priorities. He kept the big picture in mind while planning task activity to resolve the smallest problems. Charlie seems to enjoy having the responsibility to make decisions himself. I like the way Charlie actively attempts to get the right people talking to each other to solve a problem. Charlie excels in his ability to communicate. I feel that I have not yet challenged Charlie enough in the past."
- Director of IS Development, Famous Footwear, February, 1992

Work History
A chronology of my complete work history can be found here: Work History Details

Real Life Details
DOB: 08/17/62
Married 18 years and loving every minute of it; no children
Dancer and dance instructor in Contact Improv dance
Long-time martial arts practitioner with a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and significant cross-training in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Muay Thai kickboxing, Capoeira, Aikido, and Fencing. Not currently training.
Amature photographer. See examples Here, here, and here.

References provided upon request