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Position Summary
Communicate the needs of the DCís to the I.S. department and actively participate in the development of business solutions that directly affect logistics operations. Assists with project management from a DC standpoint.

Principal Responsibilities
Monitor logistics systems and operations and seeks to continually enhance the value of the companyís inventory. Maintains a working familiarity with all functional aspects of the DCís.

Work with other business area liaisons and the Investment Board to determine the strategic value and priority of all requested enhancements which exceed the work level defined as support.

Determines and defines business requirements and needs and assists with the development of project proposals defining requirements, and cost/benefit justifications.

Thoroughly researches business challenges in an effort to provide concise problem definitions. Works with IS support or development staff to analyze various alternative solutions and define scope. Assesses operational impact of proposed solutions.

Assists IS staff with development of test plans for new systems or modifications and manages user manual preparation. Communicates all system changes to the DC staff and management prior to the installation of the changes. Insures staff is ready for the changes.

Coordinates DC staff involvement with system testing procedures to ensure compliance with customer needs and the test plan.

Assists with the development of new operational procedures required by new or enhanced systems.

Job Skills and Requirements
Background and experience to understand all functions in the DC environment. Must be technically competent to teach other personnel in all areas.

Must be able to analyze a problem, understand its component parts, and present them in a clear, concise manner. Communicate the problem to both IS personnel and the DC staff and management.

Required to use analytical ability to provide good judgment in decision making, demonstrate ability to reach conclusions logically and rapidly, and using common sense.

Effectively handle multiple tasks on a day-to-day basis.

Other General Requirements
Imagination (creativity, idea generation, and adaptability). Provide alternate solutions based on technical systems as well as a thorough business knowledge.

Acceptance of responsibility and ownership of tasks. Willingness to assume duties which require the individual to extend himself (herself), both in ability and personal effort.

Proficiency in expressing thoughts and feelings in a concise and understandable manner in written or oral form. Must have good listener skills.

Independence and impartiality of mind; courage of convictions, willingness to take a stand.