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MAIBOCK 2008 - May 2-4
First Principle - This is not a democracy. Any ideas floated here are subject to override by Steve and Brian. We're not reinventing the party.

Here's the planning team, and things each volunteered to do. If there is something you WANT to do, feel free to claim it. Otherwise we're going to have to have a party, er, meeting and get liquored up so that volunteering happens. :)

Grand Poobah - Nataraj
Music Poobahs - Nature (bands) and Charles d Bold (DJs) "If music be the food of love, play on."
A meal - Colleen, Charles d Bold
Bier Poobahs - Mac and Brian
Chaos and Whimsy - Iron Boy Brad
Invisible Poobah - Don
KW Eric - Historical assistance
A meal (not breakfast!), and general kitchen assistance - Sarah
Need an awards poobah

GETTING STARTED: Here's a list of things I think need sorting out promptly. As this list grows, I'll creat separate link for key topics to make things easier to find.

Choose date and reserve park DATE CHOSEN: MAY 2-4
- most requests were "not Mother's Day", and "earlier by a week or two". That means either April 25-27 or May 2-4
- Need to know how to contact park people (Linda?) ERIC: Linda's number 715-448-2021. She never answers this number and I can't leave a message. WE DO NOT YET HAVE A CONFIRMED PARK RESERVATION. (10/20) She said any weekend in May is reserved for us so pick our date and call her. Please voice your opinions ASAP. Brian has taken responsibility for this (10/20)
- OPINIONS SO FAR are mostly for a week earlier, May 2-4.

Historical stuff:
Get mailing list from Cari - she'll send it to me in June. GOT IT
Get historical planning notes from Eric KW and/or Toivo and Cari - look for it in June - It's October, I don't have it. Eric, please send your notes ASAP.
Get understanding of costs and timelines

Up front BIER questions: Need a permit/license? - nope...

Design a t-shirt (is it a t-shirt? maybe sweats? sarongs? Cafe Press?).
- A second for something other than a shirt...hat with a mug or hops logo, or shorts. If you never have, check out We can submit artwork and have that artwork printed on demand on a variety of clothing or things, including steins! Prices are a bit higher but not much, and there is NO up-front costs or minimum orders. Each Maibock'r could have to logo on one or more items. The only real downside is that each person would have to pay shipping costs. Please let me know what you think of this idea!
- Naked on it! "The naked and the drunk?" Naked beer-belly guy holding a strategically placed mug talking to a Willendorf-shaped woman similarly obscured? NAKED as an acronym? Naked guy chugging from stein and simultaneously peeing: "Stripped down for efficiency!"

Generate list of kitchen things needed other than food
- plates, cups, cleaning supplies, etc.
- Additional, high-capacity coffee pot!
- STRONG recommendation that we encourge each to bring her own plate and silver. We'll save (several ways) on disposables and trash, but need to provide a 3-stage wash setup (soapy, rinse, bleach rinse). Recall that there will be drunk people involved, so perhaps it becomes a designated rookie task? - NO ROOKIE DUTIES. WE WANT THEM TO COME BACK! 40 plates and silver would take about 15 minutes.
- Greater emphasis on do we keep meat out of it?
- NO SMOKING in the lodge. Doable, or major fighting point? Smokers, please chime in!

Friday lunch, dinner, and late snack
Saturday breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late snack
Sunday breakfast, lunch
Meal summary: 2 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 suppers, and 2 late snacks = 9 meals

What's the story with decorations, lights, etc?
- Do we have a stash of decorations somewhere, or do we put up whatever shows up? ANSWER: Brian S and Keith bring 'em and take 'em home. Covered.

"Good neighbor" list? Who, and what past complaints exist? Not an issue.

Do we need an "amplified music" permit of any sort? nope...

What's the official party start time, and what food/beer really needs to be available prior to that? See meal count above. Bier needs to be on site Friday morning. Need bier fro setup crew.

- Pinatas of Poobahs Past? Undecorated pinatas could be provided with some basic decorating supplies, and candy
- beanbags (barley, hops, yeast, water) into steins?
- boat races on stream (proposed like a Pinewood Derby)
- Poobah Pursuit, asking questions from Maibocks past. Brian has a good start. Please add some trivia questions for this game. Ideas: Who won such-and-such an award in a specific year? Who's the only person to win such-and-such award twice? fastest nova? Warmest Maibock? Coldest Maibock? Earliest Maibock dates? Latest Maibock dates?

A quick recap of expenses from 07:
Site $650
Porta potty $100
Ice $150
Postage & printing $50
Biere $1600  $1300 from Frank for 8 kegs $175 from the keg I picked up and the remainder for bottled biere that I bought before Frank showed up.
Food $1300 all inclusive including all the non-perishables.
T-shirts and hooded sweatshirts $1350 these I kept separate and paid for myself.